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video review
The game currently only features a single person campaign combat mode that follows a narrative where a soldier from the Indian Army is lost in the Galwan Valley.
The story moves along as the soldier (player) keeps engaging with the enemies and moves towards distant checkpoints to end the missions.
The game starts in the cold valleys of Ladakh and along the China border, where Chinese soldiers are shown attacking the Indian border patrol and leaving all but one (player) to fight the enemies. Most of its action is fist punches and kicks, and does not have a large emphasis on shooting.
‘Campaign Mode’ only
FAU-G currently only has a campaign mode that is purportedly inspired from real life events.
nCore Games has clarified that online multiplayer and ‘Battle Royale’ game modes might be added in future updates.
Impressive Graphics
The graphics are impressive for a game that is less than 500 MB in size. The details are seen better in ‘Ultra’ mode and the performance of the game is excellent even in 60 fps.
Users are also given the ‘graphic slider’ option, which goes from 'Very Low' to 'Ultra', providing gamers the option to adjust graphics according to their phone devices. Besides this, there are options to adjust the sensitivity as well.
Tính Năng:
- Tự động thắng
- Bất Tử
- 1 Đấm
- Chạy Nhanh
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