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Los Angeles Crimes Menu Mod Mới Nhất Xịn Xò Gta Mobile

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Los Angeles Crimes is an open-world shooter game with different game modes such as Team death-match, Zombie survival and Clear the City! Roam around alone or join your friends over the network!
- 6 maps and 5 game modes
- Third-person and First-person view
- Active ragdoll that reacts to environment physics and fun to watch.
- Realistic character movement and motion-captured animations.
- Works offline and Local WiFi
- Ps4 controller support (Bluetooth)
*Map builder*
- Show off your creativity to your friends by building awesome maps in LAC Editor with unlimited resources.
- Double-tap on spawned items to modify them.
- Your maps will be saved in: Android > data > com.MA.LAC > editor folder.
Important Notes:
- Android 4.4+ and at least 2GB ram. - If you get black-screen, grant all the needed permissions.
- Read and write permissions are used for saving the custom map or cellphone features.
Cellphone tips:
- To spawn vehicle you need to pull out your cellphone and call the mechanic from the contacts menu.
- To change your cellphone wallpaper you need to copy your favorite image and paste it to this path: Android > data > com.MA.LAC > wallpaper
- To see your pictures taken from the camera or selfie camera you need to go to this path: Android > data > com.MA.LAC > screenshots Cellphone mã gian lận:
- 1999756966 Slow motion
- 19993562837 Moon gravity
Mã gian lận:
/hud hides whole game HUD
/hidecontrols hides control buttons for controller mode (ps4 button to toggle)
/kill to kill yourself
/faint to ragdoll player
/timescale (0.1 to 10) change the overall game speed
/timeset (0 to 360) change the time of the day 0 sunrise & 180 sunset
/cyclespeed (0 to 50) speed of day & night cycle
/detach all, Door_Left,Hood,Trunk, etc detaches the car body part
/fps to show or hide frames per second
/sign (your text) creates floating 3d text, Use * to skip a line (editor only)
/summon (king, zupra etc) to spawn more cars on the editor
/siren to get siren for your vehicle
/freelook or /freelooksmooth to look around freely on the map
/weather rain/clear to invoke rain
/matchtitle (your title) to add a title to your custom team death-match (editor only)
/movemap x,y,z to move the whole editor map items
/rotatemap x,y,z to rotate the whole editor map items
Tính Năng:
- Bất Tử
- Bay
- Nhảy Cao
- Chạy Nhanh
- Tăng tốc thời gian
- chỉnh sửa địa hình
- Gọi xe
- Chỉnh sửa source
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